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 People Farm Glitch

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PostSubject: People Farm Glitch   Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:02 am

This is a Bad Company 2 Beta glitch that I have named: "The People Farm."

I have done this several times, and I would say it pisses people off the same as team-killing, but for the farmer, it is quite hilarious.

To do this, you must have a squad. The first thing you do is go to this little ledge that is where the 2nd set of crates are. (I will point this ledge out to you if we play together.)

Then you must squat just about anywhere on that ledge and wait for squad member to squad spawn on you. When they spawn on you, they will be glitched into an area underneath the ledge.

Next, you need to commit suicide and quickly spawn with the glitched squad member. (Usually you'll have plenty of time to spawn because the glitched squad member thinks they discovered some awesome glitch and will be exploring the area.) Make sure to spawn as a MEDIC.

Once you spawn with them, just wait a while for the squad member to realize that there is no way to escape from the area. At that point they will kill themselves, either with explosives or with the suicide option.

When they kill themselves, take out your defibrillators (shock pads), and revive the squad member. They will either shoot you uselessly, or attempt suicide again. Either way, they will eventually shoot you. (Thank goodness for no team killing.)

Also, more squad members may spawn on you, so just repeat the process on them.

This is why I call it a people farm, because you have a bunch people running around trying to escape, and you have to keep them inside.

It is quite amazing how desperate the people get. Sometimes they just exit the game, but other times, I've seen the people use strategies to trick me. Such as running to different corners of the area and committing suicide at the same time so I might not have enough times to save them both. But so far, I've never had a person escape, other than them quitting.

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PostSubject: Re: People Farm Glitch   Sun May 30, 2010 3:07 am

You are such a mean person ..

But nice ownage =p
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People Farm Glitch
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