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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:27 am

Hey everyone! Welcome to the MMOS Clan Forums!

By registering to this website you have agreed to these terms below! Follow them and we'll all have a good time!

Site Rules

If you follow these rules your stay and the stay of others at this site will be a pleasant and memorable one...

#1. Only one user account per person

You risk a strike if you register more than just one member account (yes, I can IP check). If you need to make an exception for additional members of your family, etc, please contact MMOS-Alpha.
#2.User Name

For rather obvious reasons, please do not choose a User Name that has religious, sexual or racial connotations, or that we otherwise consider to be vulgar or crass. Also, do not use , or key combinations when creating a user name.

#3.No profanity or offensive speech

I will not tolerate swearing or abusive language! So please refrain from posting any! Name calling is strictly prohibited (unless in jest).
#4. PRP

We accept most topics for discussion on this site, especially in the Off-topic forum, but three topics that will not be permitted under any circumstance are Politics, Religion, and Porn. Offenders will have one strike if such topics are posted, or debates started.

#5.No spamming

If you have something to say, say it once and wait at least a day or two for a response before you restate your question. If you think of some additional information, you should attempt to edit your post rather than add an additional post below it.

On no account should you post just for the sake of it, or to pad out your post count. If you have nothing constructive to add to a subject, please hold your peace. Spammers will normally be warned in the first instance and given every encouragement to reform. Continued spamming will result in a strike
#6.No private conversations in our forums

Our Private Message system is the preferred choice for narrow discussions between two members. You can configure some settings for this system in your Forum Profile.

#7. Viruses

Links leading to virus infected programs will result in an immediate ban.
#8.Absolutely no discussion of No-CD Cracks or Pirated Software

Whilst they might serve a legitimate need on occasions, No-CD Cracks are invariably intended to aid software piracy, that is, to rip-off designers, publishers and us honest folk. As such, we will amend or delete posts that even broach the subject. You will almost certainly be banned if you advocate their use or appear to be in favor of software piracy.

#9.Please try to use correct spelling and grammar

While we understand that some members may not speak English as their first language, we still request that everyone tries their best to use the correct spelling and grammar in all of their posts as this ensures that they are easier to read for everyone.
#10.Think before posting links to other places

We do not mind people posting links to external places as long as they are specifically related to the topic of conversation where they are posted. For example, if a topic in our forums discusses the use of paint packages for editing screen grabs, it would be perfectly acceptable to post links to sites offering such software (as long as they are legal sites).

We encourage members to add useful hyperlinks to our links database; this way they can be properly maintained and are easily searchable.

We ask members to not put links, other than to this website, in their signatures - external links have a habit of ceasing to exist and we want to avoid having broken links appearing all over our site.

#12.No personal attacks on any member of this forum

Likewise, there will be no harassment or posting of personal information of another person or organization. Should any such topics appear in our forums they shall be moved to the private staff area to quickly put a stop to the problem and users may be banned as a result.
#13.No flaming

Lively discussions are encouraged but keep it a debate and not a name calling contest.


If anyone disobeys any one of these rules, they will have one strike! And I'm pretty sure everyone knows how this system works. Except there's a twist! This time it's three strikes and you're banned for a week! If you get another three strikes, it's two weeks, and so on... Only Moderators, and Admins, have the right to ban. If I see anyone other than a Moderator, or a Admin say that they are banning someone, they will be ban for one day. (Disobeying rules 7, 8, or 10 will result in a swift permanent ban if the are found to be illegal in any way!)
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Forum Rules
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