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 Changes In the Main Game Since Beta

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PostSubject: Changes In the Main Game Since Beta   Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:29 pm

Official Page (Yes, the site is officially a BF blog made by the DICE.)

Highlighted parts are what I though was good...
Slashed parts are things I do not like.
Italic parts are, "can be good and bad".
Red parts are my comments and opinions.
Blank parts are stuff I really don't care about.

  • Completely reskinned the weapons and scopes for much improved visual quality. (Wewt! As if they needed to look anymore awesome! Very Happy)

  • The reddot sight no longer has a FOV penalty compared to iron sights.

  • Pistols now have the same FOV level as other weapons in iron sights.

  • Tons of weapon tweaks to improve the balance of play.

  • Increased accuracy when stationary and aiming for better first shot accuracy. (Most guns are snipers as they are, this will only promote camping IMO.)

  • Decreased accuracy when moving and aiming, especially for sniper rifles. (They were inaccurate enough while moving. This yet again will promote camping.)

  • Several gun specific balance tweaks to bring them in line with the other weapons of that class.

  • Lowered the damage of the XM8 and F2000 at close range.
    (Just what we needed, the only two good auto Assault rifles turned into peashooters.)

  • Lowered the damage of the AN94 at long range.(Seriously, why all the hate for the Assault class?)

  • Raised the accuracy of the M16's burst.

  • Lowered the damage of the Type88 LMG.

  • Raised the damage of the MG3.

  • Raised the damage of the M249.

  • Fixed the recoil of the M249 when equipped with a reddot sight.

  • Lowered the damage of the SMGs and Carbines at extreme range.

  • Lowered the accuracy on the move for the SCAR-L, AKS-74u, and the XM8c.(These are suppose to be shot ON THE MOVE. They're SMG's fro cryin' out loud...)

  • Raised the damage of shotguns, especially for the pump shotguns and slugs. (WAHOO! Just as nature intended.)

  • Semiauto and Auto snipers and slug shotguns cannot 1 shot headshot at extreme range.

  • Fixed the Knife's stab animation and improved the reliability of Knife attacks. (Very nice, very nice.)

  • Lowered the long delay between Knife attacks. (Very bad, very bad. Can anyone say knife fest?)

  • Fixed the animation speed for switching to the grenade launcher on assault rifles. (Thank Allah, that was annoying.)

  • Fixed the too huge blood splatter effect for sniper shots at long distance. (Awwww...)

  • Fixed the minimap disappearing if you switched weapons while aiming a sniper rifle. (Schveet! Another major annoyance gone.)

  • Removed the fade to and from black when aiming a sniper rifle.

  • Adjusted graphics for sniper rifles and RPGs when zoomed.

  • Bolt action sniper rifles will chamber the next round if the trigger is pressed twice while zooming.
    (Nice little trick.)

  • Fixed the close range damage of bolt action sniper rifles. Now a 1 hit kill on unarmored infantry in 5m. (Both good and bad. Probably gonna see a lot of no scoping...)

  • Raised the damage of the VSS but lowered accuracy when moving. (Bad! This gun needs to be crap if they're gonna keep it full auto. Otherwise we're gonna be seein' snipers with VSS's with reddots everywhere sniping from 10 feet away.)

  • Grenade carry limit with the Grenade Vest lowered to 2 hand grenades and 4 40mm grenades. (A little BS. IMO, but not important enough to matter.)

  • Tweaked the airstrike missile called in by the UAV so it gives a longer warning to victim vehicles. (B.S. if they don't get out when they hear a *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!*, that's their problem.)

  • Exiting the UAV now also exits the UAV ground station. (Wasn't really that much of a big deal, but still nice and not as time consuming.)

  • The UAV station no longer self destructs when the attacker's base changes. (Good and bad IMO. May promote camping slightly, and that's a long treck to the next base if the UAV dies. At least you don't get a death on your record though.)

  • The UAV station can no longer be destroyed by friendly fire if friendly fire is off. (Though I will miss doing it to idiots sometimes, it's still quite nice.)

  • Lowered the direct and splash damage of UAV's airstrike. (That thing was hard enough to aim as it was. Now we have to drop the bomb dead on them? B.S.)

  • Lowered the damage of the UAV's alternate fire LMG. (Why not just take it off if you're not gonna let it do anything?)

  • UAV station screen shows offline when the UAV is waiting to respawn. (LOL, nice little detail, I like it.)

  • Many additional UAV bug fixes.

  • Lowered the splash damage of tank rounds. 1 shot kill radius is smaller now. (In all honesty, I did think it was a bit over powered. As long as it doesn't have the kill radius of a firecracker, I'm good with a bit lower splash.)

  • Raised the damage of the gunner's 50caliber machine gun and added a visual effect when it overheats. (Good! That thing was weak as a two year old with a claymore sword.)

  • Tweaked the damage tanks take to be more consistent. Tank front armor especially is more consistent.

  • It takes 2 to 5 RPGs to kill a tank with no specializations. (The norm was 3.) (Yay! No more super tanks!)

  • Tanks should no longer get stuck on destroyed terrain or inclines.

  • Increased the precision of tank turrets. (Nice!)

  • All armored vehicles have new engine sounds. (Very Nice!!!)

  • Added environment specific camouflage to all vehicles. (Excellent!!!!!)

  • New vehicle control layout: R2 and L2 for accel and brake, fire on L1 and altfire on R1. Or lefty vehicle control layout: fire on R1 and altfire on L1. (Meh, doesn't reall matter that much seeing is that the option below is what I wanted anyways.)

  • BFBC1 style vehicle controls are still available as an alternate. (Right on! No more fumbling about with my controler.)

  • Jeeps now burn when hit by tank shells instead of instantly detonating. This effect is the same as with RPGs. (It feels like part of the BF experience has been taken from me... Darn you to heck realism!!!)

  • Raised the damage of the jeep HMGs and added a visual effect when it overheats.

  • Shielded heavy machine guns now have a bullet proof glass front. Flank these guns or blow them up. (I don't know if I like that. Sometimes there's no way around the gun, and if you can't snipe em out anymore then all that's left is an RPG. Even then that's hard to get a shot on them if they're covering the area well.))

  • Raised the damage of the stationary HMGs and added a visual effect when it overheats. (Now along with bullet proff glass which assures that the enemy cannot be sniped out, they went and gave it more power. Nooo thanks.)

  • Fixed the name of the UH-60 and corrected the caliber description of the miniguns. (Good for them.)

  • Raised the launch speed of the RPG7's missile for better long distance shots and less drop. (TY says I.)

  • Raised the splash damage of all infantry launched Rockets and 40mm grenades. (Bring on the noobtubes and rocket snipers!)

  • Improved the visual feedback for locking onto tracer darted vehicles, this is be much clearer now.

  • Note that TOW/Kornet and M136 missiles are wire guided and cannot lock on to tracer darts.

  • Fixed wire guided missiles sometimes going erratic (even though this was realistic yet unintentional).

  • Improved the trail and blinking effect of Tracer Darts so they are more visible.

  • Vehicle Smoke Launchers and 40mm smoke remove tracer darts and spots on friendlies in the effect. (A bit weird, but cool, I guess..?)

  • Targets which have been unspotted by smoke are immune to spotting for a few seconds.

  • Added a short cooldown to the Repair Tool after repairing 50% of a tank's health. (Somewhat of a good idea, I'll give it a "meh".)

  • Lowered the repair speed of the Repair Tool but raised its range. (How long is this magic repair tool? 4 feet? Or is the character stretching his arms out really far?)

  • The Repair Tool can only repair or damage vehicles and stationary weapons. (I hope they made it so that the Defending team can't kill their own crates then, because if not they're screwed... And even then it's still dumb, because they can't repair the crate if a tank was wailing on it.)

  • The Mortar Strike is now called in via a pair of binoculars. (I don't think this'll really matter much. Who knows, maybe it'll be more accurate.)

  • Lowered the number of shells in the Mortar Strike barrage, but raised the damage of each shell. (Hmm... I don't think I like that trade off. I honestly thought it was good as it was, and if people wanted more power, they could just use the Potent Explosives perk. Now with the perk, mortars will be able to kill a tank before it can move.)

  • Raised the effectiveness of the Mortar Strike against armored vehicles. (Even worse with the above addition.)

  • Fixed a bug where the Mortar Strike would fail to begin to reload.

  • Switching kits no longer instantly reloads the Mortar Strike. (Dang they got me! xD)

  • Fixed a bug where the Defibrillator would not reload unless held in the player's hands. (Good, that was annoying.)

  • The Defibrillator icon on downed squad members now appears in green. (I think that's pretty nice. It'll stick out better [except in jungle maps].)

  • Soldiers who suicide from the menu cannot be revived. (Good, that got annoying.)

  • Lowered the amount of Motion Sensors carried to 2 and limited each soldier to 1 deployed sensor at a time. (Lame IMO.)

  • Deploying a new Motion Sensor before the previous sensor expires will replace the previous sensor. (Lame yet again, but at least it wasn't anything major like the 2nd one wouldn't do anything.)

  • Motion Sensors no longer detect players and vehicles sitting perfectly still. (Very cool, me likey, but it'll make it hell to find snipers.)

  • Motion Sensors now beep when deployed and detecting a target. (Cool, but I can tell right now that it's gonna get on my nerves.)

  • The Vehicle Motion sensor now beeps for all occupants of the vehicle when it detects a target. (Same as above.)

  • Vehicle Motion Sensors on the UAV and other Airborne vehicles now detect targets at all altitudes. (Awesome! Recon mode ftw!)

  • Fixed an exploit where players could deploy unlimited Ammo Boxes, Medkits, C4 and Mines. (Awwwwwwwwwww! lol, knew it would happen though xD.)

  • Fixed a bug where players could detonate Detpacks placed the previous life upon respawning. (Good and meh, it did get annoying, but it was very useful.)

  • Detpacks can still be detonated if player's kit is picked up with in 15 seconds of his death. (Yeah... Good luck with that...)

  • Lowered the damage Detpacks do to crates. (I'd say that's good. It'll make the game last longer.)

  • Fixed AntiTank Mines not detonating when driven over at medium speeds.(WTH?! Why even have them? They're pressure sensitive for cryin' out loud! Speeds got nothing to do with it.)

  • AntiTank Mines should now properly persist after the player has died. (Ladie Frikin Da. They're crap anyways, just take them out of the game.)

  • The Ammo Box, Medkit, Defibrillator, Repair Tool, and Motion Sensor are now unlocks for each class. (I'm okay with that. Personally, I enjoy earning things as opposed to having everything at the start.)

  • Players new to Battlefield will be introduced to these teamplay items when they are unlocked.

  • Battlefield Veterans will automatically have these teamplay items unlocked from the start. (Wewt for me.)

  • Lowered the duration of spotted targets. Aiming at a close target will refresh the spot timer automatically. (Good! This'll prevent spot spamming.)

  • Lowered the effectiveness of the Sniper's Spotting Scope, targets must be tracked longer before spotting. (They were carp anyways, so it doesn't really matter. Also, if you need to hold your scope on them for that long, you should be asking yourself, "Why haven't I killed this guy yet?" That or, "Why am I too lazy to press the select button?")

  • Fixed so the player can properly spot from the UAV. (Schveet! Annoying how I could see everyone and never tell my teammates where they were.)

  • Added an overheat to spotting to prevent spot and order spamming. (Good.)

  • Spotting now requires the player be aiming significantly closer to the target. (Good.)

  • Added Destruction 2.0 to the Guard Towers around the first Defender Base on Arica Harbor (and all other maps). (Wonderful! Now that's Destruction 2.0.)

  • Fixed buildings collapsing without any warning sound or effects. (Barely heard it anyways, so no big.)

  • Moved M-COM station A into a Garage at the second Defender Base on Arica Harbor. (Man, that's gonna be a frag fest!)

  • Fixed collision issues on the Patio in the upper level of the Town. (No more people farm Deltar xD)

  • Fixed sometimes spawning underneath the Patio in the Town.

  • Fixed the collision problems with the Train Car containing M-COM stations on Arica Harbor's 3rd and 4th base.

  • Train Cars now have more specific destruction zones to encourage mouse hole tactics. (Freaking YES! I'm gonna be takin' advantage of this heavily.)

  • The Attacker's first base is now a protected spawn zone that defenders cannot enter. (Very Very Very Very Very Very VERY BAD! This is not F'ing TeamFortress 2, let us go where we want.)

  • Added additional alternate spawn points to all bases for both Attackers and Defenders to counter spawn camping. (Nice, no more base rape.)

  • Added a system that disables individual spawn points if enemies are within 20m. Does not apply to Squad Spawn. (Good again.)

  • Players can still spawn at a base if all spawns points at that base are blocked.

  • Spawn protection will be disabled if the player aims or fires during the short timer. (Good, that'll make things a bit more fair.)

  • Wrecked civilian cars now have secondary explosions when hit with explosive weapons. (Freakin' WAHOOOOO!!!! Now I don't feel as cheated over the HMMV's not exploding immediatlely.)

  • The Attackers now recieve 75 reinforcement Tickets to start instead of 100. (Not good, it was hard enough with 100. With some of the bone heads in this game, you'll be luck to win half of all games that you play.)

  • Taking a base restores the attackers to 75 Tickets instead of adding 50. (Somewhat of a counterbalance, but the 75 tickets still is not good.)

  • Improved soldier collision vs objects, especially for crouching under obstacles.

  • Fixed issues with certain objects popping into view as the player approached.

  • Reduced the amount of screen blur when in ultralow health. (Good, that was annoying not being able to see anything.)

  • Increased the visual and audio feedback for low health, healing, and returning to full health.

  • Out of Combat healing now starts sooner but takes longer to fully heal. (Shouldn't have messed with it, it was perfect as it was.)

  • Slightly increased the healing power of medkits to increase their usefulness. (I thought that's what the perk was for..? O_o)

  • Improved the sensitivity of soldier controls. Adjusting sensitivity should have a much greater effect now.

  • Sensitivity when aimed is now consistent across all weapons.

  • Turning while sprinting is now more responsive. (I'll just say good for this. I really didn't care, it got the job done. They should have fixed the fast swimming over this IMO.)

  • Reduced forward input needed to sprint to 50% from 90% to smooth the transition to sprint.

  • Tweaked aiming and turning curves to be more responsive from the hip and more precise when aiming.

  • Fixed several issues with switching weapons and being unable to shoot or aim.

  • Fixed the player's control setup reverting to default when entering and exiting vehicles. (Deltar's gonna have a good day xD)

  • Fixed bugs when going to swim while sprinting.

  • Sped up the deploy and undeploy animations for the parachute.

  • Improved the precision for switching weapons on the Dpad.

  • Fixed several stats padding exploits. ()

  • Fixed various awards that did not work as designed.

  • Tweaked rank and class unlock progression based on data gathered in the beta. (Hmm... That'll be interesting to see...)
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PostSubject: Re: Changes In the Main Game Since Beta   Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:58 pm

Woot for Veteran thing!

But seriously the motion sensor stuff = GAY

Hardly any shotgun tweaks? whats up with that? They are so underpowered.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes In the Main Game Since Beta   Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:02 pm

Tango wrote:
Woot for Veteran thing!

But seriously the motion sensor stuff = GAY

Hardly any shotgun tweaks? whats up with that? They are so underpowered.

People were complaining of sensor spamming. Tbh, I didn't find it a prob, but w/e.

"Raised the damage of shotguns, especially for the pump shotguns and slugs."

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PostSubject: Re: Changes In the Main Game Since Beta   Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:02 am

Ya raised the damage by how much? 0.1% I assume.

Also it's more for pump which are gay to use anyway, Spas 15 is the way to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes In the Main Game Since Beta   Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:06 pm

I just read through it and it makes me more excited than ever for BC2. I also really loved your commentary, gave me some good chuckles.

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PostSubject: Re: Changes In the Main Game Since Beta   

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Changes In the Main Game Since Beta
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