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 Just Cause 2 Fun Tricks

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PostSubject: Just Cause 2 Fun Tricks   Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:36 pm

1. Riding Propane Tanks

Well, I checked on Youtube, and obviously my brothers and I aren't the only ones to discover this trick. The following video is a quick tutorial on how to do it. Note: You do NOT have to shoot the propane tank first. You can actually attach yourself beforehand, by grappling the top of the propane tank. This makes it a lot easier to do.

2. Dragging People

Basically, all you need to know is how to double-grapple, which the game will teach you. This trick is easiest with civilians, as they are unsuspecting. Simply grapple a person, and then attach them to your car/plane/etc. Then, start driving, and the poor soul will be dragged a long with you, although, in some cases, strain may break the grapple. Note: When dragging a person while in a plane, you will be thrown off heavily by the person being dragged, this may cause you to stall or crash.

3. Horizontal Free-Falling

When you start the JC2 demo, you will be placed in a training area thing, at one edge of it, you will find a base-jumping platform. Usually, you'd jump off straight forward and go into free-fall mode and fall down the mountain. To do the trick, when you enter free fall mode, move your joystick directly left or, this will enable you to fly in horizontal circles, briefly, only if done right.

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Just Cause 2 Fun Tricks
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