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 Sorry for inactivity - Alpha

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PostSubject: Sorry for inactivity - Alpha   Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:52 am

Hey guys, sorry for my recent inactivity. Besides the fact that BC2 is near unplayable, by means of rubberbanding back to some place where you never even were at, and the fact that I don't find RDR that interesting to play online; I have been/am finishing up my senior year of High School, so I need to pay 99% attention to it right now. After this is all over (Saturday), I'll probably be talking more on the forums, and maybe try BC2 again. I'm pretty sure that I'm done with RDR though (unless the upcoming DLC is good). Otherwise, hopefully I'll talk to you all again on Saturday.
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PostSubject: Re: Sorry for inactivity - Alpha   Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:04 pm

Can't say I've been as involved in school as you are Alpha, considering I just played Red Dead right through the night, and now I have to school in an hour. *sigh*

Saturday isn't too far away, so I don't mind waiting until then if it means more activity from you.

On the topic of BC2, it's a freakin' train-wreck, I wish they would just let us go back to the beta. I'm hoping DICE doesn't ruin the Medal of Honor franchise like they recently ruined the Battlefield one. This is why I've been a bit aprehensive about the upcoming MoH Alpha, but I have high hopes for it.

On the topic of RDR, I wish you didn't toss it so quickly, I was looking forward to working through the online with you. Alpha doesn't like RDR, Tango is too quiet, ZED is never on... I really wish our clan was a bit more involved in this game.

(Btw, I've just passed the 200 levels mark, only 50 more levels to go and I'm done - going to be done by Friday)

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Sorry for inactivity - Alpha
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