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 Iwo Jima's Sniping Spot .

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PostSubject: Iwo Jima's Sniping Spot .   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:05 pm

Okay , youll need a plane for this .
And some flying/sniping skills

1. Get in a plane
2. Fly over the mountain thats at the end of the map . ( Theres a base with lots of vehicles , and a plane in a hangar . This is the base where the flag is on a roof that as an AntiAir Turret )
3. So you have to fly above that cliff , the lower as you can , and jump off your plane .
4. you crash on the cliff .
5. you start spawn killing the bad guys , and if they havent got that base yet , they will get it in quite a short time

( Tip : If you see someone from the ennemy team going to the flag in that base and you are on the cliff , dont kill him , let him take the flag , so more ennemy will spawn there , which means more kills for you . )

i havent seen anyone in this spot yet , so i guess its actually a good spot thats not well known ( so people dont expect a sniper there ) .

It happened once that they spotted me , cause i was having a big killing spree , and i guess someone saw my bullets flying in his friends head . So i had slide down the cliff and steal a tank , which gave me some more kills . Smile

Anyways , good luck . even if in this spot you wont need luck , only skills ( to aim at people )

And .. Oh yea . My favorite class is the one with the assault rifle and the grenade launcher . Simply because the gun deals more damage than the machine gun , and u can snipe with it , even if theres no scope . Which makes it the best gun , considering its short-range godlike power , and the awsome long-range accuracy .

I hope this will help you guys .

( That was for the game Battlefield 1943 btw . )
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Iwo Jima's Sniping Spot .
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