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 Gamestop Preorder Rewards

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PostSubject: Gamestop Preorder Rewards   Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:18 pm

Up until last night, I regretted pre-ordering from Gamestop, when I could've boughten from Best Buy and have gotten a War Horse.

The reason I stopped regretting it last night is:

1. The Deadly Assassin Outfit glitch that has plagued many people is more likely than not going to be fixed in a patch that we should be expecting within the next week.

2. I finally figured out what-the-hell they meant when they gave you the RDR soundtrack. Turns out, the little paper that has your code on it also has the link to a site where you enter the code, and can download the entire RDR soundtrack for free. Just this, in my opinion, puts Gamestop's reward way ahead of Best Buy's reward, because I love the soundtrack and was planning on purchasing it anyway, it's a good thing I found out about this first.

Couple of songs from the soundtrack:

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Gamestop Preorder Rewards
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